Hightower shadow

Book 1. Between the water and sky


A small black animal had finished the remains of some spicy fruit, one of those that you find scattered all over under the trees, and flew up again. Its lathery wings were moving so fast that from side they look like little a foggy cloud around the body. A huge wall of water appears suddenly in its way. To skirt it means to loose speed. Animal sniffed grumblingly, drew his wings, stretched, and pierced into the wall. The water turns into liquid for a short moment to let him forth and instantly becomes solid again. Having overcome the wall, which was quite capable to capture him forever, the little animal flew forward.

Very, very fast.

The animal moves so fast that the reflections in its dark eyes flicker, replacing each other. Small islets of dry land, covered with motley shrubs, drifting slowly in the water; black ferocious whirlwinds, ready to jump over the horizon at any instant; fraught with danger water walls, springing up out of the infinite ocean, dotted with huge solidifying whirlpools. It almost was not noticing flashing by trees plantations that were floating above the water and growing and collapsing rocks, which reflected the rays of bright yellow daylight sun. So fast, that the wind was whizzing in its small round ears. So fast, that very soon the aim plantation appeared in front. The aim - because he was there. The one, who was waiting for the small animal, loving it, protecting it and feeding with tasty dried fruits. The man whose aura is so familiar and so dear: Bordeaux with rare eruptions of blue.

The man stretched his hand and the animal alighted on his pale palm, grappled the slender finger with its forepaws and fluffed out, drawing in its wings. The man smiled when the animal started sniffing it and short whiskers tickled his hand. He collects long dark locks, tucks them behind his ear and gently strokes the animal’s head. His refined clear-cut features became smooth and calm for the moment; his aura stirred and colored with golden sparkles. With the relieved sigh animal turned his tummy up to allow the man detach small belt with the tiny sphere, hidden in the fur.

Being near this man, the little animal always felt itself absolutely calm.   Vociferous crowd’s noise from aside, furious water luster, air rumbling, and roar of huge glittering animals – all this could not bother him.

Formidable aura of death surrounded the stirring biomass quite near from the place where the plantation, obedient to the man’s will, was hanging motionlessly. The animal saw motley foggy clouds come off from the mass. These clouds were not dissolving in the air, as it usually happened with the death of beings similar to its master. They are accumulating around, heavy, non-transparent, frustrating the total balance. Despite of this frustration the animal felt very peaceful in the man’s hand; contented, it caught master’s glance.

During awhile the man stays smiling and then fixed his regard forward at the dark mass. His gray-and-green eyes reflected the battle. He frowned and concentrated.

Inexperienced spectator would hardly analyses the details of this bloody jumble. But the man realizes clearly: the forces of fighting sides are equal.

Armies and townsfolk of several cities – Khaireet, Megareet and Degareet - clashed in battle against Erratics. And last ones called for help to Adamangas.

The air shields, moving with low rumbling sound, were pressing the groups of thought-creators. Those who had lost their bearings were momentarily thrown down. Not everyone has enough time to create an air support under the feet and unsteady water far below greedily accepted them into hard embrace.

Blazing water blades of swords, arrows and spears are fiercely pierced into the solid layer of air shields; bone cutters of different forms and sizes followed them and ripped up and sliced men’s bodies. The blood drops shad everything around, and reddish fog has spread out over the fighters.

Only seldom warriors could create a fire vortex and direct it to the Adamangas’ ranks, where masters of fire were almost absent. From time to time silent blasts appear at the surface of the huge sphere collected from people, rockles and caravans. People were thrown off at the distance of many shvorkh’s flaps. This was the force of highers and the Highest thought-creators. And they apply this force carefully, just to prevent enemy’s advantage, but do not go too far. The Highest could disturb the balance with unforeseeable consequences.

The man clenched his teeth tight; he had caught himself at the feeling that all his body strained and longed to battle. But he knows well, he will never break his word to her. The word, given to thought-creator so mighty, that she can destroy the whole city with one stroke. She stops fighting voluntarily and he gives a promise to kill only for the sake of their common aim. To find the thought-creator, indicated by the Prophecy.

To find him and to prevent from making a choice. 

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