About a novel "Hightower shadow"


If you are still interested in books about elves and gnomes, vampires and werewolves, you should not read this novel!

If you afraid to leave well-known fantasy-worlds – well described, included maps and detailed instructions to survive and similar as beans from one pod – you should not enter this world!

New heroes are acting here and new rules are valid here. This unknown world does not want to be drawn at the map.

Practically everything in this world is dangerous. Natural elements are so unsteady. Water does not want to be liquid, it can be fluid and viscous and even as hard as a rock. The air can solidify and the fire is self-willed as a wild beast. Rocks are growing during the night and melting in the next day. Dry lands covered with motley bushes are traveling all the time and all time changing its shapes. The plants and animals are also changeable.

People from this world call themselves as thought-creators: they can transform their thoughts into the physical impact at the surrounding nature. Without this ability people could not survive in this strange world. The surviving, the wellbeing and even the social status depend from the range of thought-creator’s force. The strongest ones can rule the cities. Cities provide security to all its’ people. To loose citizenship is equal to loose your life.

“Hightower Shadow” is a novel about a boy living in this very dangerous and changeable world. This novel is about his searches, which are sometimes successful, sometimes are not. Nyron searches answers about his mother’s death; he searches for powerful protectors because he is too weak; he searches for friends, but more often he met enemies. His difficult character is not the only reason why just a little boy has so many enemies around. There is another reason and it goes deep into the past of his family.


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